Having one of those moments where I think I might have the flu forever…

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Downside of being unbearably sick = having to miss work (aka losing money).. Upside is I’m working on a case for the lovely Emily Noel! ♥

There certainly is a demon of an infection in my chest, but I’m trying to look at the glass as half full :3

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Been one of those “anything mildly negative will throw me into tears” kinda days…

I am sick as a dog, got a(nother) flat tire on my way to work, and just had the longest shift of my life, spent way too long arguing with AAA about the bad patch my last tow guy gave my now flat again tire and I need some happy in my life!

Leave me a joke or anything else nice or happy in my ask box, it will be much appreciated 3:

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Fred is in the pet ER and I’m sad. No Fred until Saturday. My poor baby boy..

Bruiser and I are now watching the Lion King since we are depressed, my little Fred lion isn’t here to purr up a storm on my lap tonight… I really hope he is okay. Not sure I can handle it if anything bad happens to my boy.

Whoever thinks cats aren’t like pets has never loved a cat as much as I do Fred. 

Fred has gotten me through so many things, being sick myself is one of them, and all I can do is sit and wait now… 

Bruiser is bummed too, he keeps trying to find Fred to play with him, we’re both pretty sad. I hope Scott gets off work soon to come and take care of us 3:

edit: mufasa just died… lion king was a bad idea :(

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