Sweet Decoden Dream by XanaduJulieDeco.com 19 April 14 - 59 notes
Today’s epic impulse purchase thanks to Modcloth! 15 April 14 - 8 notes
ERMAGERD KELLY ITS USSSS 12 February 14 - 1,648 notes
Line Play SOS

Does anyone else have the problem w lineplay where it CONSTANTLY logs you out and forced you to reconnect your line account and then it takes ages to re download into your phone?!

It’s driving me nuts!!!

Any tips to make it stop doing this?!

12 February 14 - 3 notes
I’ve got valentines day on the brain! …Clearly by the looks of this weeks DIY projects! 11 February 14 - 36 notes

When your boyfriend wakes you up cause he can’t sleep then 20 min later he’s snoring and you’re trolling the internet…

07 February 14 - 4 notes
Lineplay xanadujulie laying down some supakawaii realness right now… She’s literally like, “2Kawaii4u” 06 February 14 - 3 notes
Happy Birthday to my best bunny!!!
Kelly and I as Alice & Elsa 

I officially wanna disneybound as Elsa everyday all the time k thanks! 05 February 14 - 642 notes
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Painted my nails for my Elsa Frozen disneybound this coming weekend! Very happy with out they turned out! 27 January 14 - 74 notes
I’m going to Disneyland in February with Kelly (tinytangerines) and Kiki (citybirdsnest) and I decided to change my Aurora disneybound to Elsa from Frozen since I have silver/grey hair right now & I can’t begin to imagine going back to blonde and also FROZEN.
Frozen’s Elsa Disneybound by jafigueras featuring handmade home decor 29 December 13 - 16 notes
20 November 13 - 56 notes
Grey hair don’t care :P 

Bored of blonde tried something new and I LOVE IT 16 November 13 - 25 notes