OOTD 15 October 12 - 3 notes

My cat is sick again and I wanna cry. His bills previously are around the cost of my rent. My rent is not cheap. By the end of this week I’ll likely have spent over $3000 on this reoccurring issue over the last 8 months.

I just wanna cry, I feel like a bad mommy for this to keep happening :(

09 August 12 - 4 notes
Bruiser loves Nyan Nyan :3 05 August 12 - 10 notes

BIG MUFFIN ON CAMPUS!! 15 April 12 - 17 notes
Fred is way more kawaii than you are… ~(=^‥^) 13 March 12 - 7 notes
Fred is SOO KAWAII 23 February 12 - 3 notes
about my cats.

In case you hadn’t heard, I have 2 awesome cats Fred & Bruiser. 


(above) Bruiser on the left, Fred on the Right. Bruiser was a street cat for 2 years before we fostered him and then eventually adopted him as our second kitty. Fred I have had since I left LA and he’s my little nugget.

Anyway. Bruiser & Fred actually ARE in love with each other, yes they’re both boys, yes I have gay cats. SO WHAT. Bruiser I think it’s slightly more in love with Fred, though. Every once in a while Bruiser essentially goes into heat (even though we had him fixed 2 years ago when we took him in) where he starts chasing Fred around, pins him down, then licks his face, bites his neck and tries to hump him. That’s real. So Fred every so often is too apathetic to give a shit and kinda lets him, but most of the time he will snap around and bat Bruiser across the face as if to say “BITCH PLEASE YOU AIN’T TAPPIN THIS TONIGHT!” …tonight is one of those nights. So the weird thing, as if it hasn’t been weird already… Bruiser then starts HOWLING around the house like a cat on a fence in an ally and it’s soo weird. I swear to GOD my neighbors think we abuse our cat he cries so loud and so sadly… He won’t stop until Fred finally gives in or until he simply forgets.

…How will it all end tonight? God speed Fred. 

16 February 12 - 4 notes
I think Fred wants me to get off tumblr… (I have the flu so I’m still in bed) 14 February 12 - 5 notes
You people underestimate the amount of love I have for my cats.

(via herekittykittykitty)

05 January 12 - 59 notes

Fred is in the pet ER and I’m sad. No Fred until Saturday. My poor baby boy..

Bruiser and I are now watching the Lion King since we are depressed, my little Fred lion isn’t here to purr up a storm on my lap tonight… I really hope he is okay. Not sure I can handle it if anything bad happens to my boy.

Whoever thinks cats aren’t like pets has never loved a cat as much as I do Fred. 

Fred has gotten me through so many things, being sick myself is one of them, and all I can do is sit and wait now… 

Bruiser is bummed too, he keeps trying to find Fred to play with him, we’re both pretty sad. I hope Scott gets off work soon to come and take care of us 3:

edit: mufasa just died… lion king was a bad idea :(

23 November 11 - 62 notes
the 2 most ridiculous cats in the world 22 November 11 - 2 notes
Felt paws on my blanket then heard a motor rumbling, turns out Fred just wanted a late night snuggle :3 19 November 11 - 5 notes
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Happy Halloween! Love Alex DeLarge, Andy Gibb, and Fred the lobster! 29 October 11 - 9 notes
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