my man candy Scott & I at Pour Voux in LA last week :3 11 October 12 - 3 notes
Scott & I stay-cationed at Lake Chalet on Lake Merritt yesterday :3 31 July 12 - 1 note

diamondinthedark says
I'm super bored/lonely too! So here goes: What is your passion? :)

ohh good question! 

while passions can change and be defined by different things, occupationally my passion ultimately will be to open up a bar of my own, a proper cocktail bar. I currently work at a few bars, 2 of which are very well known in San Francisco, I am in the transition from server into bartender which is not only a lot of work, but a lot of fun, involving creativity as well. I’m working on my very first cocktail which is a lot harder than it sounds! SO, spirits, bars, cocktail culture, that is my passion, I suppose. I also love music and ballet and of course, my kittehs.

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E. Vil
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Check out ” Smuggler’s Cove wins best bar on San Fran” at www.shakeandstrainblog.com/?p=1721

This is possibly my finest work yet.

THATS BECAUSE SMUGGLERS COVE IS THE BEST BAR IN SF!!!!!!!!! 24 September 11 - 33 notes

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Super excited for cocktail week @ work tonight!! NEW MENU!! 22 September 11 - 38 notes
I bought this vintage punch bowl set on Monday. I am obsessed, it came with the bowl, the stand, a dozen classes, and the ladle. Thrift shopping champion. Right here. I’ll take a photo of the set spread out (and hopefully with punch in it!) soon! 21 September 11 - 2 notes
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my day is gonna consist of massages, nail art, home cooking, and cocktails. throw in some friends and family and my life is not too shabby!!

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Go to www.shakeandstrainblog.com get latest news and recipes on cocktail culture

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Boston: Eastern Standard. Cool place, great cocktails! 26 April 11 - 3 notes